Cactus juice for dehydration and acne



The secret potion of  aestheticians, makeup artists and our clients is Hydrating serum.  The brief was to create hydration for clients that had acne and prone to blemishes.  Also a personal mission to give clients that were obsessed with hyaluronic acid a luxury mix of what hyaluronic acid should be.

The secret of Hydrating serum is the cocktail of CACTUS water, Hyaluronic acid, Copper and Rose for skin wellbeing and balance.

What exactly is cactus?

The prickly pear cactus fruit is the only fruit which contains all 24 known betalains: powerful antioxidants known for their skin revitalizing benefits. Hydrate and revive your skin naturally. Cactus Water contains 5 naturally-occurring electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and rare antioxidants.

Cactus helps to detoxify and cleanse the face to prevent acne problem skin, premature aging and high in essential fatty acids.

How is it good for the skin?  Calms irritation by soothing and firming the skin. It blocks the release of stress markers from sensory nerve cells in the skin. Delivers excellent hydrating properties due to its high content of water-binding compounds without blocking the pores. A important ingredient in treating dehydration in acne prone skin.

Hydrating Serum was specifically designed for our clients who had really dry skin but experiencing severe breakouts.  Acneic skin needs water, this ingredient provides key nourishment without stressing the skin.  Excellent as a post sun care elixir to sooth and hydrate, also good post shaving for men.

Why does it work so well in this particular product?    

Hydrating serum is what we call the ‘art of hydration”, due to its ingredient mix.  It hydrates, balances oily skin and nourishes it with essential vitamins and is hailed as “botox’ in elixir due to its firming properties.

Use as a primer after your shot of C Antioxidant Glow or use after makeup and dap a little onto a clean makeup brush to seal and add glow to the skin. 




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