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Clear, healthy skin isn’t a one-size-fits-all equation – a principal that Skin Design London founder Fatma Shaheen applies to every aspect of her brand. Having immersed herself in the field of skincare for over a decade, Fatma has taken her exceptional knowledge of aesthetic treatments, ingredients and consumer insights and edited them down to the basic components for good skin. This fresh, modern and ultimately bespoke approach to what women really want from their product wardrobe is much like how a couturier might approach his/her work. And yet there is nothing faddy about the Skin Design London’s award-winning product and treatment offerings or Fatma’s genuine desire to help her clients navigate the often-bewildering world of skincare.

‘I almost see myself as a face stylist to my clients whilst helping them to recognise that fresh, healthy skin is timeless and relies on a basic wardrobe of quality ‘haute couture’ ingredients.’

The foundations of this principal rely on Fatma’s firm belief that every client, regardless of skin-type, benefits from a retinol, glycolic and antioxidant product – an insight that has also informed her latest offering; Skin Design London’s Peel and Lift Bar housed in the calm opulence of Fortnum & Mason.

‘My experience of working in the clinic for over ten years has taught me that every skin condition, whether you have acne or rosacea, can and should be treated with high performance cosmeceutical ingredients.’

Fatma draws on this extensive knowledge of skincare to appropriate the best elements of existing Doctor brands; de-coding cosmeceuticals and cutting through the marketing spiel to bring clients what they really want – no-nonsense, instant results with minimal downtime.

‘My aim is to remove the fear associated with ingredients fundamental to healthy functioning skin cells such as retinol and glycolic acid by using formulations that employ new technology to minimize downtime and that can be used on any skin type. I’ve spent years perfecting the collection and owe everything to my most discerning critics – my clients.’

This uniquely refreshing approach has earnt Fatma the reputation as a couturier of beautiful, healthy skin whilst making an aspirational complexion accessible to the modern, time-poor woman.

If you would like more information on Fatma she is available for quotes, further insights or interview time.