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Skin Design London is a designer cosmeceutical skincare range whose core ethos of combining super star ingredients such as retinol, antioxidants and glycolics in exciting new ‘couture compounds’ makes it one of the most dynamic brands in the skincare arena. And all without the downtime traditionally associated with these high-performance actives. How? It’s all down to those bespoke blends; delivering potent skin-loving ingredients without any associated redness or irritation thanks to the addition of soothing botanicals and supportive anti-oxidants. The upshot? A fresh, healthy, ‘couture’ complexion.

Just like a hand-crafted beautiful gown is the result of myriad skilled artisans, Skin Design London founder and “The Good Skin Designer” Fatma Shaheen believes the key to beautiful skin is creating a blend of couture compounds carefully woven together to ensure results without the aggressive downtime associated with cosmeceuticals. This bespoke philosophy as well as her experience of running an aesthetic clinic for over a decade also lies at the heart of her latest UK offering; Skin Design London’s Peel and Lift Bar housed at London’s prestigious Fortnum & Mason department store.

“Ingredients are my passion and it’s the compounding of these ingredients that ensure my clients get the continuous results they demand without having to factor in any associated downtime. ‘My experience of working and designing formulations in the clinic for over ten years has taught me that every skin condition, whether you have acne or rosacea, can and should be treated with high performance cosmeceutical ingredients compounded with vitamins and botanicals for fresh glowing skin.”

The stellar line-up consists of five superstar serums designed to deliver the foundations of healthy skin, alongside four designer crèmes to add the next layer of nourishment. And not forgetting the first-of-it’s-kind retinol ‘Designer’ balm, which sold out within the first week of being launched into Fortnum & Mason.

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