The super Retinol and AHA’s

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Having spent years using and working with  skincare brands and designing bespoke treatments for my clients, the main ingredients that I use time and time again is Retinol and AHA's.  Used correctly and efficiently it is without a doubt the number skincare ingredient.  If you want good healthy skin the answer is in that jar! [...]

“Best Daily Serum” 2016 award for C-Ultra Glow by The Beauty Shortlist

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We are so proud of our super serum C-Ultra Glow. Voted the "Best Daily Serum" 2016. WHY IS C-ULTRA GLOW SPECIAL? It has 50 times more Vitamin c content than any other serum. C-Ultra Glow serum is the first product that should be in your skin care kit. if you’re trying to treat fine lines [...]

Probably the best antioxidant serum in the world!

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I know the title may sound biased but you know our products are tested by you and perfected by you so when we get your seal of approval it is ready to launch! Our clients at the clinic are a difficult bunch. They are not easily pleased. So formulating and launching a powerful Vitamin C, [...]

Cameron Diaz felt ‘terrible’ about her adult acne

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How many women women suffer from adult acne and feel they can't face the world. Yes, adults get acne. Some adults continue to get acne well into their 30s, 40s, and even 50s. It is even possible to get acne for the first time as an adult. The on-set of adult acne can be debilitating and [...]

Party planner extraordinaire Fran Cutler loves SkinDesignLondon

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PR party planner Fran Cutler and best mate of Kate Moss known for her extravagant parties and hosts some of the biggest and best events loves her "Fab SkinDesignLondon skincare and SkinDesignLondon Luxury Triple Lift Facial".  

Sculpt& Lift like Kate!

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Kate, 41, is our new skin crush. She looked amazing at the Victoria Beckham collection launch in LA.  Her skin looked flawless. Achieve Kate's sculpt and luminous skin by using  the award winning Queen of serums- VolumeQ,  Sculpt & Lift serum designed to hydrate and boost collagen using  Lipofill, Juvinity and Neoderyml patented formulas.  Results are pretty [...]