Alpine Rose Glow


Organic Alpine Rose Active plus 6 intense ingredients including mild acids, antioxidants and cell-renewing plant cell extracts improve skin hydration, clarity and uniformity of tone.

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ORGANIC ALPINE ROSE ACTIVE* protects against skin protein oxidation, restores skin’s resilience and guards stem cells from environmental stress factors. *EcoCert

PHYTOCELLTECTM ARGAN regenerates dermal skin cells, boosts elasticity, reduces wrinkles.

PHYTOCELLTECTM SOLAR Vitis protects skin stem cells against UV stress, delays cell death cells, fights photo-aging.

FERULIC ACID, plant based super antioxidant from fennel helps stabilise vitamin C and neutralises skin-damaging free radicals caused by pollution, stress and UV.

MAGNESIUM ASCORBYL PHOSPHATE Light- and water-stable form of vitamin C retains over 95% potency at 40°C. Suppresses skin pigmentation.

L-ARGININE activates protein production, speeds wound healing, prevents tissue deterioration.

BISABOLOL-A accelerates the healing process, protects from stress. Anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties, reduces UV-induced redness. Enhances penetration of other ingredients.



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