Designer Balm


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Transformative at-home treatment to peel, plump, smooth and hydrate with 4 key ingredients for glowing skin in 15 minutes. Maximum concentration Retinol targets multiple skin conditions. Suitable for sensitive skin.

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RETINOL anti-aging cell regenerator smooths skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

HYALURONIC ACID boosts moisturisation, plumping and hydrating skin for a youthful appearance.

SOY PROTEIN locks moisture on the skin’s surface for a smoothing effect.

ROSEHIP OIL High fatty acid content protects against premature ageing and delivers intense hydration.



  1. 5 out of 5

    I have been using designer balm together with the retinol cream and “R” serum and it has totally transformed my skin. As I bought 3 products I am receiving the cherry peel and triple V treatment., which is incredible and my skin was visibly different after 2 treatments My skin has not felt or looked this good since my teenage years! I now feel confident in my own skin and no longer have to slap on makeup to cover my bad skin. My therapist Elena is fantastic, she clearly has good knowledge of the products and their benefits and I always feel like I am chatting away with one of my friends. This is truly a credible cosmeceutical skin range, you will not be disappointed!

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