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The Pink Rose Rock Peel

REFRESH & RENEW – 15 minutes
Refresh and renew skin’s youthful appearance with patented crosslink technology that brightens skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots.
This unique enzyme-derived resurfacing treatment contains peptides which combat redness and sensitivity that often accompany the use of exfoliants. Pink Rock Rose,
offers DNA protection and anti-inflammatory benefits addressing erythema which may result from topical and environmental stressors.

• Anti-inflammatory
• Reduces pore reduce fine lines and wrinkles
• Stimulate HA production
• Increase skin elasticity
• Moisturizing and hydrating
• Stimulate collagen production

The Cherry Peel: £20 | The Pink Rock Rose Peel: £20 | The Triple V-Lift: £35
In March the treatments will be complimentary to celebrate the launch at Fortnum & Mason

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