Your skin deserves better


Your skin deserves better. That’s what got us started. That’s what led us here.

Meet the retexturising (retinol) serum that does things differently. When skin savvy science and nature’s finest botanicals meet, great things are bound to happen. And they did.

Our unique formula contains a high percentage of the clinically proven (super-strength) ingredient on everybody’s (beauty) radar – retinol. This potent elixir delivers the professional results your skin has been waiting for. Our clever gradual-release system and the added soothing agents make sure it always performs at a pace your skin can keep up with. Rich in age-defying and science-driven ingredients that simply work. And it shows. Fewer fine lines, fewer blemishes, fewer things we really don’t need.

  • Powerful results meet zero downtime

This serum combines concentrated actives that work in perfect harmony to maximise efficiency and minimise irritation. Our advanced encapsulated retinol releases the anti-ageing ingredient gradually so your skin can safely reap all of its benefits. Meanwhile, lactic and glycolic acid get to work to reveal a brighter and more radiant morning reflection. Niacinamide and tegostemlastin help strengthen the skin while arnica and bisabolol protect it along the way.

Retinol – the original fountain of youth to stop unwanted signs of ageing in their tracks

Tegostemlastin – an algae extract rich in minerals and amino acids to support skin rejuvenation

Niacinamide – a form of vitamin B3 and a potent skin-restoring multitasker to promote your healthiest skin yet

Arnica Montana Flower Extract – the plant-derived anti-inflammatory agent that keeps your skin in perfect balance

Bisabolol – a skin conditioning ingredient which boosts its healing process and restores overall suppleness

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